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2024: More Blogging (Responding to Matt Mullenweg)

Hello Matt, just in case you read this blog.

  • Firstly, thank you for founding WordPress, supporting Open Source, and keep blogging.
  • Secondly, Happy Birthday!

I read Matt’s blog a few days ago which you can read here:

And it “sparks” my joy to write a blog about it.

My brief story about blogging and why I keep blogging using WordPress

I have been blogging for more than a decade including on this personal blog. Most of the time I blog on WordPress (WP) platform, which was founded by Matt Mullenweg, who shared his project for free as an open source that now powers about 40% of websites/ blogs in the world.

Surely there are many CMS (Content Management System) alternatives out there with flexibilities and drawbacks, but in my opinion WP is still the best. Not only the fact that it is an open source, allows us to self host it and free for sure, but also the SEO friendliness, the features, as well as the communities who share a lot of resources for free on the internet.

Honestly I have been thinking of switching from WP due to its lagginess when updating plugins and themes (it doesn’t happen everytime), but again I am not sure whether switching from WP would make me more productive or not. Well, even though if I switch from WP to other blogging platform, it’s probably not gonna happen in the near time.

Anyway, regardless of the platform I use, I will keep writing. Regularly or not, I will keep blogging, and hopefully in 2024 I will blog more.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

To Matt: again, Happy Birthday, Matt Mullenweg! 🎉🎂 Your visionary leadership has not only revolutionized the digital landscape but has empowered millions to share their voices through WordPress. May your day be filled with joy, creativity, and the satisfaction of knowing your contributions have made the internet a more connected and expressive place. Here’s to another year of innovation and success! 🚀

Matt, in case you’re reading this, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below

Cheers 🙂

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