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A Longer Blog Downtime

This blog was down for almost a month due to some errors that I didn’t understand. I tried to recover it using the earlier backup (s) on my Linode server, but it didn’t work no matter how many times I did that.

I can say that those errors came in a wrong time when I don’t have much time to work on it. I have more important things to work and think about, that’s why it took longer than I expected.

I tried many tutorials both article based, and also from YouTube, but didn’t work until couple of days ago.

I thought it was about the low disk space, that was only less than 5% left that caused this downtime, but not really. I have deleted tons and tons of unused individual website backups on my Linode server, but the issues were still there. Most of the websites that I host on my Linode server were also impacted.

Then I thought there must be something to do with the SSL stuff, yeah probably. Some sites on my server were online, but most weren’t. And surely I didn’t stop there.

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I tried any articles that made sense to me to address the issues, and I saw something in some online forum, that suggested us to update some sort of SQL package. I didn’t know sh*t about that, but hey there would be 50:50 chance of any way I tried to make it work. And it didn’t work, at least at that second.

Then I just deleted this blog from the Cyberpanel (a control panel I use on my server to manage the websites. Please don’t hack it) and let it be for couple of days.

Try and try again

I gave it a shot again. Added this blog again, installed WordPress without ticking that SSL stuff in hope that I just want to see the installation work, and think about adding the SSL later on.

Surprisingly, it worked. yeah at least the WP installation was successful.

But nowadays, your blog would not get any good attention both from Search Engine and human eyes if you don’t have SSL installed on your blog. So I tried to issue another SSL again for my blog on Cyberpanel. I am telling you that recently issuing SSL on Cyberpanel takes longer, much longer than it used to be. Oh gosh… It took minutes that I chose to ignore it and do something else.

When I came back it was still not done actually. But I just decided to open a new tab and go to rizqifahma.com, and see what happens next.

It worked.

God knows what happens that it was suddenly working. All I know was that I tried tons of ways to make it online again. And after couple of weeks with on going issues I also face, thank God, it finally goes online.

Did it cost anything

Yeah. Time, energy, and also a few bucks because I had to upgrade my server package to see if it works or not, but unfortunately, it was not the case.

What’s next

Longer downtime such this was not fun at all. It felt like I lost something, even though I didn’t update my blog that regularly.
But losing it due to unexpected errors like that made me realize that I need to pay attention to the disk space and other stuff too before it goes wrong.

Does it make me miss blogging? Oh yeah. I admit so. There are a lot of things that I have in my mind. Some of them are worth to share here, but some of them are just better to keep in me.

See you on another post.


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