Another Day of Another Year

Just getting older

I will never be bored to say that I am not a huge fan of birthdays. I am not accustomed to “have” or let alone to celebrate my birthday since the earliest years of my life. We don’t celebrate birthdays in our family. Yeah, that’s 100% true.

That’s probably why I don’t really know how to react or to deal (with) when my birthday comes, because it is NOT in our DNA, and historically I don’t remember my parents celebrated theirs as well.

When ever my birthday comes, I honestly feel somehow of scared myself. I just don’t know how to deal with that kind of things, I mean like when people throw some parties or stuff like that. But it doesn’t mean that I am not happy to see people having their birthdays. I am always be happy for them.

This last year’s overview

Not good. Overall.

Not going into details here, but to be completely honest, 2021-2022 are not so amazing years for me. Personal life wise, career wise, financial wise, etc. Nothing that really amazes me. However, I have to carry on with what I have (remains) with me. Life is always be hard challenging.

Upcoming year’s wishes

I don’t have a lot of wish(es) for the next year. Sometimes I have things that I could write in bulletpoints, but I don’t know, currently I just don’t have any spirit to do so. Just too afraid of things actually. So I think I would just let it flow and let my self bump into things that could probably lead to other form of experience.

Truth be told, life’s been challenging harder this recent year or so. And I could never wanted to spill those details here. It’s not gonna change anything.

Enough of the rambling, good to write here again. Making it like what it’s supposed to be, as a blog of mine.

p.s. today is not my birthday.

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

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