Full 24 Hours Support

I don’t know how to explain the Full 24 Hours Support from the company’s side. But from my point of view, it’s not always working. Dude, I’ve been waiting for about 12 hours to migrate one of domains in my hosting service to my other hosting in a same server. Oh I’m sorry, you might not understand what I am talking about.

The problem is I need the admin’s permission to do that sort of thing. Because tomorrow, the hosting service of that domain will be expire. Oh dude, talking about expire, it’s never been good to hear that word. In this case, I need to pay some money to extend the service, while in the same time, I don’t have any budget to pay for that service. I still have another hosting account to add that domain in my hosting service, though. So, why do I have to spend more money, while I can cut the unnecessary cost.

Now let’s get back to the main case. I’ve texted the service provider, but there’s still no confirmation yet. Seems like the provider forgot that he has been added the holy 24 Hours Support on their website. Halfway gone, and I am still waiting for the realization.

Do I have to wait until 24 hours? I hope not.

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

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