Holiday or Not, It Should be A Holiday

“Red date”

Today is December 25th. You know what that means?

    1. Today is Christmas
    2. Today is holiday
    3. Booth of them are true

I’m sure all of you would answer the option C. both of them are true, absolutely! Today is Christmas, and a holiday as well. If you don’t believe it, just check your calendar, you will find the 25 marked red (red date). However, I found it different, guys. Today is not a holiday, I mean it is not a pure holiday. I thought it was a holiday with no class. But it didn’t happen.

Swimming Time!

Someone started the memorizing class, it was an early morning class. I asked someone about the students, and he said, yes the students are outside now. Wow, what a small room. Suddenly the room felt so small and empty. I had to wake up and prepare the class. I was a bit disappointed, because all I know about today was holiday!

So, that was it. I just did it. The first and the second class went well. But me and the students were confused. We wanted to take a rest, but everyone here was attending the class. But I couldn’t hold it anymore. I wanted to enjoy the holiday, it was my right to have my holiday. So, I told the students that I wanted to go to the swimming pool.

The students wanted it too. They want to have a holiday, or at least they could go to the swimming pool together. However, they got a class. What about me? After closing the class, I went to the swimming pool. Some of them said that they would come to the swimming pool later, and I said, ok see you there!

They came!

I enjoyed my swimming, but something inside my head was wondering where the students were. I thought maybe they were just kidding. However, I saw people from the distance, oh yeah those were them! They finally came.

Eventually, we swam together. It was fun actually, even though it was raining. Everyone looked happy.

Finally, after couple weeks I could swim again.

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

I read, I write, I bike, I swim, but I don't smoke.

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