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So It Is 2024 Already

Shall we make a New Year’s resolution?

Short answer: Not Really


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Hello, it’s your boy again, throwing some rumblings writings again for the first time in 2024. 2023 was over, no chance to get back to that year like years and years before. Meaning that we can’t turn back the time, right?

That’s one of the most important things in life that not many people can really understand the meaning and the consequences of ignoring it.

Alright, I know you, the lucky ones who read this blog understand that 2023 was over, so that we can focus on the present to build for the future, right?

But it’s not over yet that we haven’t talked about what happened in 2023.

To me 2023 was such a year when I could always learn some things in life, career, and health, and so on so forth. Just like years prior.

Some drastic changes happened related to work, it was a difficult decision with so many things to consider. There were pros and cons, but I am that type of guy who choose to take the risks and challenges, instead of overthinking the opportunities that “might” come, or might not(?) We’ll see.

Well, that’s probably the key takeaway from last year that I feel should be talked in this post. I am not gonna talk about other things, but let’s see what I might write till the end of this post.

Talking about last year’s resolutions

Generally I didn’t make it. I failed to make those resolutions happened, I was still not fully focused, or let’s say didn’t try that hard yet. I blame it on myself. So I won’t even argue about how miserable it was (to be failed at making it happened).

But will I stop making resolutions?

Nah… I have plans

Unfortunately one of the bad things about me, is that I have too many of plans in my mind, that sometimes I couldn’t track them all, let alone to make them happen. But surely, the goal is I want to live better, and make my family happy. Basically it’s just that. But you know, we have bucket lists too which could potentially be the complicating parts of making the goals and strategy clear to achieve.

Welcome 2024

I started 2024 with a painful lower backpain. So embarrassing, but probably it was the right thing “to happen” to my body, to remind me that I am not a twenty something years old no more. My body is now more vulnerable to that kind of pain. I have to maintain my health surely.

In 2024 I just want to be more successful, better than before in terms of everything. Now, will I make some new year’s resolutions?

Uhm probably not. Not this time, or not ever in this year.

Why? I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t make my 2023 resolutions realized. And that put some additional pressures on me to make a deliberate resolution for this year.

I think I will have to just focus on the execution.

Everybody can have dreams, plans, resolutions or whatsoever… But not many could execute and deliver. I want to be less intense with the plan, but more on the execution this year, and see the results.

But again, I have plans. At this moment I just want to keep it private.

I have long term goals too, maybe I will dedicate some time in the near future to really extract it from my cloudy mind.

So, 2024…. Bring it on! Let’s continue the hustle.

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