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Talking About (My Solo) Travelling in Europe

I used to go by myself. I loved it, and most likely that I will still enjoy it if I have a chance to do it. The reason why I did it, because I love freedom to visit whatever places that I wanted to go to, regardless of the popularity.

Take an example, I visited Père Lachaise, it is a cemetery, which is not everyone’s favourite place to visit. But I did. I did it because it was where Jim Morrison was buried. It was quite a long story why I decided to go there. But mainly, it was due to its history, related to Jim Morrison, of course.

I went to Pompeii, which was quite far from the main destinations in Italy. I chose to go there, simply, because it was interesting to me, and there were some mysteries that intrigued me to visit it. It was like a chemistry of a woman who you would like to know.

I visited Granada and Cordoba, which were a couple cities that had histories in Islamic civilization. I was only used to watch documentaries or tv footages about those cities, about how beautiful it was -the civilization of Islam in the past.

I have lost, felt so tired, and stuff without accompanied by anybody I knew during my solo travels. I knew that it could be dangerous and risked my life along the way, but I just didn’t want to be trapped by some stupid thoughts that wouldn’t allow me to go further, to take the risks and challenge my guts. I knew that I could die, but again, I didn’t give up.

Sometimes I even laughed at myself that it was quite unbelieveable that I have been to some places that I couldn’d expect before.

Now, here I am, sitting in front of my laptop in my room, where I used to be years ago.

I will be on my journey again, but in a different context. Think that it will be so interesting. It will be a lifetime story.

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