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What’s Going On With January 2024

Excuse my language when you decide to read it through the end, cause I promise I won’t disappoint!

There’s still a week to go through January 2024 and I had been “suffering” for 3 times already.

  • First, in the beginning of the month I suffered a painful backpain, caused me to take a day off.
  • Second, last week I had a fever
  • Third, I just suffered a sore eye

I was grateful when I felt better after having a fever for couple of days last week, and I thought I could push harder through the next weekdays in the office.

Then I caught some small dirt in my right eye when riding my scooter to the office, which I thought wouldn’t be a problem. Turned out it got worse and worse that caused a sore in my right eye. My eye got red since I arrived in the office in the morning, felt uncomfortable staring at the laptop screen actually, but I just kept it that way, thinking that it shall past.

I tried to wash my face, and poured some water to my eye, but nothing worked.

I thought I could remove the dirt when I arrived home, but no luck too.

So I went to a hospital Emergency room at around 9 PM.

They drained my eye with some NaCl liquid, they used a bottle already but didn’t remove the dirt from my eye. The Doctor suggested me some eye drop stuff (there were 2 different drops), and left home after get billed for about IDR900K.

My eye got redder though, but felt a little chilled, maybe due to that NaCl.

How did I feel about it?


I didn’t expect to get billed for that amount of money which was paid by my insurance by the way, still that was much for non problem solving treatment I had. I knew they tried, but they just didn’t have the capability or maybe lack of proper equipment.

I didn’t blame them though. Fate brought me to that lame suffer.

My eye got more and more uncomfortable through the night.

I could felt something stucked in there.

Then it got harder to open my right eye.

At that moment I realized that I couldn’t make it to the office tomorrow morning, and started thinking about going to eye-specialized hospital. Which obviously would cost more.

I slept for around an hour, and woke up around 1 AM. My right eye was shut completely, felt sticky, and I kid you not, I thought that I was blind in my right eye.

Who would’ve thought that I might have suffered a partial blindness that way. That was the worst scenario.
When you didn’t know how to remove that son of a beyatch out of your precious right eye, and you suddenly couldn’t see properly, you would prolly thought that it’s time for you to learn to use only one of your both eyes, accept the fate and move on.

Fck that shyte.

I had suffered that kinda thing in the past, but none of them felt that shitty, this time I suffered for real. What made it worse was that it was still Monday! And I had no reason to abandon works in the upcoming days. No excuse, pal!

Truly, when I woke up around 1 AM, I was paranoid. As I mentioned, I couldn’t open my right eye, and started yelling, knowing that the whole room was soo dark. Every light in my place was turned off, and my sister was furious for my random yell.

I told you, that I thought I was blind on my right eye already. That thing was scary, and honestly I felt sad had I was truly blind. Not trying to exaggerrate, but that was for real.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, that that night we had some overtime work. OMG. This sore eye came at the wrong person and at the wrong time. Double down the hate for that shyte.

Luckily the overtime only took from 10.50PM to around 12.15AM, so I could sleep (and then randomly woke up and yelled).

Here comes the morning

I still struggled to open my right eye in the morning. So I decided to let my manager know that I couldn’t go to the office and took Work From Home.

Yes I still had to work.

I planned to go to a hospital, but I felt that that shitty thing that stucked in my eye getting smaller, so I could turn my eyeball a little, a little better and less roughly. Eye was still completely red like just having some rough sleepless nights and punches to the eye.

I still presented some ppt slide that Tuesday despite the sore eye and hateful feeling to the thing that stucked in my right eye.

Managed to fall a sleep for couple of minutes in hope that some miracles happened to my eye, but woke up later found out that the dirt was still there. I cried inside.

Here comes the Wednesday

Boy oh boy, I made it to the office, still with a sore red eye. Acted confidently like it was nothing because every man should be that type of stubborn creature, after all a lot more people suffer worse than me, so no complains from me.

Except that that day was freaking full of meetings.

I didn’t know where all those people had some inspirations to hold TONS of MEETINGS in the same freaking day. I had 7 different meetings all day and night long, from 10 AM to 5.20PM, and still had a meeting from like 18.45 to 21.00 in the evening. It was yesterday already, and felt tired for sure from all those meetings.

Now it is Thursday. A New day to work for sure, but eye feels better. A lot better than on Monday through Tuesday.

It’s been a rough journey with that damned sore eye.

There’s still a week through the month, and it has been so colorful with all the “challenges”

I don’t care what will happen in the next coming days, I still don’t know what will happen.

Carpe Diem.


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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

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  1. I didn’t expect spending 15 minutes with a high level of concentration reading a blog about your sore eye. I hope your right eye is fine now, since i read and left comment 2 weeks after. keep posting random topics. love to read it.

    • Thank you for the comment and the wish as well.
      Don’t worry about it, my eyes (including the right one for sure) are fine now.
      Oh sure, I will write more and more random stuff here 🙂
      Sorry, I just read your comment. I do appreciate it.

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