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When You Read Books

How much of information do you retain?

Sorry for asking that question in the first place. That’s too heavy to ask.

In the middle of the office hour, I try to read a small book about statistics. The reason why I read this book is because I feel so dumb about this subject, but can’t ignore the fact that it is so important, and more important actually in order to understand more about anything. I mean, with decent knowledge and skills in statistics you can at least understand what is really happening in your life.

With decent knowledge and skills as well you can also have an advantage in the office at least to understand the current business trends, or maybe event have some prediction for the next few months or years about what would possibly be going on in your industry.

That’s why I told myself that I have to learn, at least to know more about statistics. Thus, I bought easier to understand book to avoid the scary things about the subject. I mean it’s just a way to make me excited to learn about the subject.

And realizing that my dumbness about the subject won’t go away unless I do the effort (say it: to read) the book. So it’s unsurprisingly that I have to find any time to read the book. And holy molly… It’s been months I haven’t finished reading this book, while it’s just a less than 200 pages book, with a bunch of illustrations in it (that’s why I bought this book because it provides illustrations. It’s like a “something knowledge for dummies. yeah I am that dumb.”).

Currently, I read a few pages. In the middle of office hours. Because why not? I have to make use of my time as best as I can.

While reading, as usual… I always have questions in my mind… Is there anything I got from this? I mean, how much of information I can retain from reading the book? While I can’t even recall the summary from the previous pages that I have read. I am in the 70 something pages out of less than 200 pages, and I barely can re-tell any idea from this book beside my confusions.

I keep started asking myself, and getting doubt on myself whether I should keep reading or not, because probably I will spend more time to finish it without even knowing what I would explain about the book later.

I choose to keep reading though.

I know I can’t explain a lot about the subject. Yet.
But… I think I still believe that my brain will do the work. It’s a fantastic machine, brain is called brain for billions of reasons.

Happy reading… I believe someday I will understand more and more about the subject.

I still have A LOT of books in the house waiting to read, though.


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