Your Neighbor is Actually Your Family

I am alone in my parents’ house. And will be alone until next several days here. It means, I will have to take care all of the things here by myself. To cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, wash the car, cleaning the terrace, the floors, fix the antenna, go to the market, attend the wedding invitation, I do it all by myself. I wasn’t used to do those things by myself in these last few days. However, I am still ok with that.

Oh yeah, I said before that I cook. Yes, I cook! And that’s how to survive when your parents are not home. Moreover, I am alone here, so who to rely on food but myself? At least I can cook some meals for myself, and that’s enough. But, what if you cannot manage your time to cook the meals, and choose to do anything else? And soon you are totally hungry?

That was the problem I faced. I didn’t cook rice this morning, and surely I would be hungry at the middle of the day. While I was busy sitting in front of my laptop wasted my time, my stomach was suddenly gave me an emergency warning. Just like 10% battery left. And there was no rice at all. And here, I don’t like to go out to buy meals, so I was just stay for nothing, considering whether I would cook or not. And I knew what to do. I chose to keep sitting in front of my laptop. Yeah! Stay hungry, stay foolish, you fool! Heee heeee

I was still hungry, and stupid, and sit in front of my old black laptop. And suddenly, I heard something. I heard something from the outside. I was afraid that it was another wedding invitation from my friend, which is now become a trending topic in our circle. I heard someone knocked the door, oh my God. It was real. I took a breath, and went outside.

Guess who, she was not my friend! Not the one who brought a wedding invitation! She was my neighbor. The one who lives next to my parents’ house. And she brought a good news! Yes, she brought a complete meal for me! Pieces of omelet, vegetables, and rice. Thank God, oh God thank you, you sent her to deliver me some meals.

At the time when you are alone in your house, don’t have any family around, don’t worry, at least you still have neighbor. Neighbor who cares about you, and treats you like her son, that’s actually your family as well. Yeah, it’s true that the closest relative is your neighbor. Totally true!

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

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