500-Posts-5 years

500 Posts

Couldn’t believe that I have posted 500 posts on this blog.

I have started to write here since five years ago, after deciding to buy a paid domain and hosted my blog on a paid service as well. I use other blogging platforms as well, but not as active as in here. Despite its lower popularity compared to other social media platform, like twitter, instagram, or facebook, blogging is still one of the best way to post my thoughts.

500-Posts-5 years

Because I can post whatever I want without drawing much attention like when you post something on twitter/ facebook/ instagram, where everone can easily read your post. Well, I am not saying that it’s not easy to read a blog, but it needs a little bit more effort to visit a blog 🙂

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

I read, I write, I bike, I swim, but I don't smoke.

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