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Who doesn’t know deadmau5, especially for you EDM fans. Well, I know that he might be not familiar to you compared to other EDM musician(s), for instance: Skrillex, ZEDD, The Chainsmokers, and perhaps Marshmello. Yeah, deadmau5 music is relatively not as mainstream as the other’s music. But for me, I am admiring his music as much as my admiration to other prominent EDM aritsts.

Well, deadmau5, first time I knew about him was in 2013, when at that time I was so in to Skrillex’s music. I knew that deadmau5 had helped Skrillex to get him more exposure (well it was). deadmau5 music was not as popular as Skrillex’s, but after listening to his music, particularly his “Strobe,” I was like, damn… it’s a dope.

It was not only Strobe; Veldt, Moar Ghosts and Stuff, See Ya, and recently Snowcone, Let Go, and Polaris are all gems. Man, I love those tracks. Then I just discovered his hip-hop tracks compilation with Shotty Horroh, namely “Do You Not Afraid, and Legendary,” those are also damn good. And if you need some Jay-Z stuff as well, he had collaborated with him in his “The Carp Is Mine.” The last one is also a gem.

I don’t care about his twitter beefs with some other artists, because somehow he is just being true to himself, though maybe some of those beefs were really mean. I just want to focus on his music, not with those twitter beefs.

Uhm… Some of you might not so in to his music, but for me, his music is gem. Well, anyway, you should listen to his “Polaris” perhaps it can give you some cancer cure. Just kidding 😛

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