Medicine, Should I?

Somehow yes, I should.

I was not used to take medicine when I was sick as much as I could. However in the recent years I use a different approach, which is I cannot help but to take medicine.

Having a full time job with all the busy-ness, plus some other responsibilities require me to be healthy at least most of the time. I can’t afford to be sick, otherwise I will miss a lot of things about the job that could potentially jeopardize my chance to be promoted.

So far I haven’t been hospitalized regardless of my illness. I don’t live with my parents and don’t have any close relatives in my current place, so if, in any chance I got hospitalized, it would be difficult.

That’s why, just like what I emphasized above, I can’t afford to get sick.

Yes I did sick couple of times, from fever, stomachache, and earlier this year I had a “gastric” or something like that, I haven’t thought of going to the hospital for an inpatient care. I am not trying to brag, but I think that would make me more sick. Hopefully I am wrong, though.

Again, I can’t afford to get sick. It’s time consuming, and costly for sure.

However, due to increasing workload and stuff, plus lack of physical excercise, I am getting more vulnerable of getting sick.

It forces me to take medicine or at least supplement in order to prevent me to be sick. I know it’s not the best way, but hey… I can’t afford it.

Realizing that I am doing it more regularly quite recently, I think I have to rethink about doing some small changes in order to support the idea of having a healthier life. Probably! Eh hopefully!

Generally I feel healthy actually, by the way. Let’s just keep it that way.

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

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