Not Into EDM As Much As I did Before

I must say that I am not listening to EDM as regular as I did before.
I used to listen to it a lot everyday, during a lot of circumstances.

I don’t dislike the music actually, but it is just that it is too ubiquitous this time around.
You can hear EDM-ish sound in almost every popular tracks these days.
And it feels really boring, honestly.

EDM used to be unique, not too much as in pop as nowadays.
Though I don’t blame the producers, anyway.

I remember, just like what Skrillex (Sonny Moore) said, that EDM is already oversaturated now.
Maybe that’s what really happening now.

And I become a little bit “overwhelmed” with the genre already, though I won’t just leave it for other genres.

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Rizqi Fahma
Rizqi Fahma

I read, I write, I bike, I swim, but I don't smoke.

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